We are a most excellent health platform, we only take the highest end of the line, we are the industry of Hermes, are the fighter of rooster . YOU SPA health platform commitment: website technicians are real life photos and short videos of life, photos and videos and the same per capita, individual technicians I am more excellent than the photos, such as fake is willing to assume all responsibility, compensation for losses. SPA service first-class, professional massage techniques, advanced health concept, unique maintenance methods; We will strive to create a new era of global health platform!

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No.692,In nanjing,grade:2k, Professional massage and health spa in 1998,height 175,weight 54,Shandong people, sunny and beautiful abdominal muscles, men can also parachute everywhere in Nanjing
---We only do the top end---
本人阳光 性格比较随和 从事按摩行业三年 服务态度比较好 北方直男性格 I sunny personality is more easygoing engaged in massage industry for three years service attitude is better northern straight male character
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